• Terre-Pex

    Pre-Insulated Pex-A Pipe
    Terre-Pex Insulated Pipes are the ideal solution for delivery of hot and chilled water where the energy preservation is key. Terre-Pex insulated piping provides the highest bending flexibility in the industry and thus minimizes overhead in project related pipe system considerations. We differentiate Terre-Pex insulated pipes with either single or double carrier pipes for convenient supply and return piping based on project needs. Terre-Pex insulated pex-A pipe can be delivered in any length required up to full coils of 328 feet. ComfortPro Systems provides a cut-to-length quick ship service for your project’s needs.
  • Potable Water Plumbing Systems

    Aquaseal uses only cross-linked polyethylene tubing known as PEX. It offers distinct advantages over both metal piping materials and other plastic alternatives. Our pipe is virtually maintenance free, corrosion resistant, flexible, and easy to install.
  • Radiant Heating and Cooling is Quiet, Efficient, and Comfortable

    Radiant Delivers Superior Comfort and Efficiency

    Radiant Transforms any Floor Type into a Comfortable Thermal Surface
    Radiant easily compliments any standard floor construction method to deliver efficient, even, draft free thermal control in areas not comfortably conditioned by convection systems.